16mm, super 8mm, and handmade film transferred to digital / HD / sound / color / 6 min / 2021​​​​​​​
Loop Loop Loop attempts to explore film as a matter and its value from changing perspectives. Using a combination of 16mm, Super 8mm, handmade film strips, and found footages as materials, this film intends to represent the adventure of two nonhuman characters on a train, where they are having a conversation around "film stock". ​​​​​​​
The title of this film addresses the circular structure of the film as well as the place featured in it, which is the Tehachapi Loop in southern California. 
Chicken Feather and Garlic Skin” is a Chinese idiom for trivial matters, as the image features garlics, garlic skins, and garlic sprouts.  
The soundtrack features the process of making a particular American Chinese dish, chop suey, which was invented and cooked for Chinese railroad workers on the Pacific Railroad in California during the 19th century.

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